Do You Know Why People Visit Burgos Castle?

Burgos, the provincial capital of Castilla y León in northern Spain, signals medieval appeal along the Camino de Santiago. Its enchanting blend of historic charm and contemporary energy unfolds through the following:

  • Winding streets
  • Grand plazas
  • Rich architecture
  • Captivating museums
  • A culinary scene that can delight the senses.

Let us discuss in this post why people like to visit Burgos Castle.

1. Ascend the Historic Stairs

Reaching the castle with a mere 75-meter ascent is effortless, yet its history resonates deeply. The pivotal Siege of Burgos in 1812 saw the Duke of Wellington’s initial failure, later returning in 1813. Amidst French panic, their hasty retreat led to the unintentional demise of 200 comrades while destroying the castle.

2. Main Castle Gates

Pass through the majestic main gates of the castle, once a Moorish stronghold and later the residence of Castilian Kings. Eventually, under French rule, the castle succumbed to complete destruction. Today, its evocative ruins echo a storied past, preserving a captivating glimpse into history.

3. Walk the Burgos Castle Walls

Strolling the castle walls reveals its strategic vantage, offering sweeping vistas for miles, including recognizable Meseta views for Camino de Santiago pilgrims. Witness Burgos attractions from this elevated perspective, making the castle an ideal starting point to grasp the city’s layout.

4. Panoramic Views of Burgos

Wander the castle walls for panoramic vistas, capturing Gothic Burgos Cathedral, the Museum of Human Evolution, and Paseo del Espolon. Celebration in the charm of iconic Spanish rooftops, making the experience a visual feast.

5. Descend into the Burgos Underground

While the Burgos Underground requires an extra fee and advance tour reservation, the effort is rewarded with a captivating journey through history. Guides detail former booby traps, from floor holes to zigzag tunnels, where guards lay in wait. Exercise caution in this richly historic subterranean experience.

6. Climb through the Well’s Shell “Caracol.”

At the heart of the castle complex lies a vital well, a crucial resource for any community. The well features a unique ‘caracol’ staircase, named for its snail-like spiral shape. Guided tours offer the opportunity to stroll this distinctive staircase around the well.

7. Visit the Castle Museum

Burgos Castle Museum unfolds its rich history through informative boards and showcases select artifacts from the Burgos Museum, including a striking Islamic glass vase. Enhanced by lighting and symmetrical architecture, the museum’s interior serves as an Instagram-worthy spot, adding allure to the city of Burgos.

8. Historic Burgos Castle Model

Burgos Castle was destroyed at the beginning of the 19th century, as was previously mentioned.  We also mentioned that, during the French occupation, it was accidentally blown up.  However, how did it appear before it was detonated?  A 3D model of the castle’s original appearance can be found in the museum.

Enjoy your Burgos Castle Visit!

There are a ton of excellent reasons to go to the castle.  Of course, learning about the past and being in a place where so much has transpired over the years are the main reasons to visit Burgos Castle.  The walk up the hill and the expansive views of Burgos are additional motivation.


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