Few Best Things You Can Do in Denali National Park

Among the USA’s most prominent, Denali National Park features vast, untamed wilderness. Named after North America’s tallest peak, Denali, gazing upon this majestic mountain is a top attraction in the park. 

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What are the best things to do?

1. Take a Park Tour

Embark on a bus tour in Denali National Park for wildlife spotting and Mt. Denali views. Private cars are restricted past Mile 15; bus tours include expert narration. Alternatively, consider van tours, one-way flights, or exploring on a bike.

2. See the Park from up Above

Experience Denali National Park’s grandeur with a flightseeing tour, offering a bird’s-eye view of wildlife and mountains. 

Choose for plane or helicopter tours with glacier landings or alpine tundra hikes. Alternatively, enjoy a zipline tour for an aerial perspective.

3. Hike the Park

Navigating the vast 6-million-acre Denali National Park is more accessible with guided hiking tours, whether a day hike, a multi-day adventure, or a customized small-group excursion. 

Independent hikers can explore maintained trails near the park entrance or venture into Denali’s backcountry.

4. Go Off-Roading

Escape the usual routes with ATV or Jeep adventures, cruising through the Alaskan tundra and splashing through water in the remote backcountry. Choose between guided tours or rent your vehicle for exploration.

5. Get Out on the River

Experience the tranquility of the Alaskan wilderness with Nenana River rafting. Choose from mild float trips or thrilling, rapid adventures with scenic views and wildlife sightings. 

Go for guided or paddle-your-own tours, offering flexibility and departures from early morning to late evening. 

For a more immersive experience, embark on a pack rafting adventure that includes hiking and paddling through Denali’s backcountry.

6. Dog Sledding

Discover the Alaskan wilderness through Nenana River rafting, offering calm floats or exhilarating rapids with wildlife and scenery. 

Flexible guided or self-paddle tours, early morning to late evening departures, and immersive packrafting options are available.

7. Visit the Savage River area

Explore the Savage Alpine Trail, a challenging 4-mile hike offering Denali views. For an easy 2-mile stroll, hike the Savage River Loop Trail, though Denali is not visible. At mile 13, enjoy the Mountain Vista Trail’s 0.6-mile loop with mountain vistas.

8. Backpacking and Off-trail hiking

Denali National Park allows off-trail hiking, offering unique freedom. You can hop on transit buses to explore and return later. 

For backpacking adventures, permits are required, detailed on the National Park Service website.

9. Visit Wonder Lake

At mile 85 on Denali Park Road, Wonder Lake offers one of the closest viewpoints to Denali. 

On clear days, it provides:

  • Spectacular views and opportunities for biking.
  • Hiking the McKinley Bar Trail.
  • Capturing Denali’s reflection in Reflection Pond.

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