Take a Peek At The Famous Festival of Japan

If you’re looking for a place to visit in Japan that is both extremely old and truly Japanese in its culture, go no farther than Takayama, a city in the mountainous Hida district of Gifu Prefecture. Its more common moniker is “Hida-Takayama,” after the Japanese province of the same name.

The area was largely isolated from the rest of Japan due to its high height and location. Over the span of 300 years, Takayama was able to forge its own identity as a result. Lonely Planet, a popular travel guidebook, named this city as one of the top 10 destinations in Asia for 2017.

Visit Takayama.

The central area of Japan, which includes both Kanazawa and Nagoya, is one of the most visited in all of Japan. Takayama’s equidistant location between the two makes it an attractive option for a detour. Shirakawa-go, not far from Takayama, is another fantastic day trip destination.

From Kanazawa or Nagoya, a trip to Takayama by train or bus will take around two hours. Views of the Hida River and Hida Mountains, as well as the valleys, bridges, and woods that run besides the railway lines, are breathtaking throughout the train ride.

Almost all of takayama festival tours sites can be reached on foot in under half an hour, making it a breeze to sightsee there. Takayama’s old town is one of the city’s most visited attractions due to its many quaint souvenir shops, food stalls, and sake breweries. You may stroll here from the train station and enjoy local delicacies and souvenirs from the area.

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The finest examples of Takayama culture

Takayama, nestled in the beautiful Hida Mountains, has preserved more of its historic character than the more modern and well-known Kyoto. This is a great choice if you’re looking for an authentic Japanese experience.

Mercato Miyagawa

The Miyagawa Market is one of Takayama’s two morning markets, along with the Jinya-mae Market. It may be located on the Miyagawa River’s banks in the city’s old town. At the many stands, you may purchase regional specialities and farm-fresh goods like pickled vegetables and flowers.

Takayama’s historic town includes a section along a street known as the Sannomachi Quarter. Many long-standing businesses, including homes, shops, restaurants, and breweries of sake, have stood here for decades or centuries.

The antique merchant houses have skylight-lit vaulted ceilings and safe, fireproof attics for storing valuables. Visitors may see beyond the facade into the former homes of local merchants, which now showcase displays of artisanal goods and antique furnishings.

Ms. Jinya Takayama

The Tokugawa shogunate of Japan used the Takayama Jinya as the capital of the Hida Province during the Edo period (1692-1871). From 1692 to 1871, this position was held. Up until 1969, the whole facility had an official role; now, it’s a museum open to the public.

The museum has many tatami mat rooms that were formerly used as offices, conference rooms, guest rooms, and even homes, and they are all in excellent condition. In addition, there is a space that was formerly used for questioning suspects.


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