Most Visited Places for Watersports in Al Ain

Honestly! Al Ain is the garden city of the United Arab Emirates which is widely known for its natural wonders throughout the world. The city is full of cultural heritage, desolate desert dunes and ancient forts that make you wonder about this city. No doubt, a visit to Al Ain can be a thrilling experience which could make you refreshed. Not only this, you can discover anything from a tranquil escape to an adrenaline-fueled adventure that will be a plus point to visit. The city’s green lush gardens are ideal for calming walks and soothing views in the early morning. Further, you will be experiencing hot weather where you can go on water sports and places. The city is a diverse place for exciting water places such as pristine beaches, water parks, water rides and much more.

Furthermore, you will see snorkeling, kite surfing, boat surfing, rafting, kayaking and a lot more that will admire you. You can also immerse yourself in busy streets, bustling souks, shopping malls, museums, Arabian spices and so on. You the very famous perfumes and fragrances you can also discover in the Emirates markets. Continue reading this blog that has gathered the major water sports you should try in Al Ain.

1- Fly Fishing 

Well, it is one of the most highly demanded water sports in Al Ain that you should experience with your family and friends. You will surely go to have a thrilling experience with speedboats guiding huge inflatables in the sky. Plus, these inflatables have E shapes that can carry people at once in the sky above the sea. However, it provides you with safety measures by straps fastened tightly around you. Luckily, though, you can feel the thrilling wind on your face and watch the skyscrapers. Therefore, you can book your ticket now for this ride through deals so you can avail thrilling saves while booking.

2- Fly Boarding 

If you want to feel superpower man above the sea water, then don’t forget to try fly boarding in Al Ain. It’s just an amazing water activity where you stand on the jet pack with a powerful motor that will make you shoot into the sky. However, you will really feel like a superhero in a movie that is saving the world. Meanwhile, you are splashing, hooping here and there experiencing this adventurous water ride. Other than this, you can as a couple at once or just as an individual. There will be professional instructors guiding you to deal with this thrilling water sport.

3- Kite surfing

Get ready for the ultimate experience in Al Ain for this wonderful water kite surfing that can make your day enjoyable. Well, it is among the favorite sport of water enthusiasts. You will often find these water surfers on their water board knot too big parachutes that help them to surf properly. No doubt, you will be feeling the sheer power while surfing in the huge waves.


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